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La casa dei misteri

The house of mysteries


2 - 10 people

Difficoltà: 8/10

From 2 to 6 people

From 7 to 12 people


It is said that within the walls of the house of mysteries there is a hidden treasure, a chest of inestimable value. It is said to have been hidden there by Sgrooven a greedy and avaricious exploiter of the city of......

The 88-year-old, once an art dealer, left 9 clues to find the precious chest containing Alaskan nuggets, gold coins and jewelry studded with diamonds, sapphires and emeralds.

The treasure, which Sgrooven hid with his own hands, lies within the walls of the house but in its custody has been entrusted to Darkan a dangerous dragon that only your cunning will be able to defeat Over the years many have set out to find the precious chest, risking, in some cases, even their own lives. Some have disappeared and been found lifeless after months to follow one of the clues.

In order to find the treasure, it is recommended to take time to reflect and think, study the clues well.

But will this be the real treasure?...

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TAVERNS  Via Rainéd 9

PARKING: Via Cava parking

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