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Track 9 3/4

2 - 6 people

Difficulty: 6/10


It has been several years since
Dr. Motyl was arrested.
About his daughter Karina, however, nothing more is known. 

In the village of Schmetterling no one dares to approach the now uninhabited mansion anymore, as
someone swears that they have heard screams, heard heartbreaking cries and glimpsed strange, gloomy figures at the windows.

A prestigious real estate agency has called you experienced "ghost hunters" to shed light on the secrets that the mansion of Dr. Motyl hides.

Without a second thought you accept the assignment. but once you walk through the front door you immediately realize that the matter is more frightening and terrifying than you could have believed.
Once you close the door the nightmare begins....


TAVERNS  Via Rainéd 9

PARKING: Via Cava parking

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