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2 - 6 people

Difficoltà: 9/10


It is September 16, 1994, and on TV and radio, there is no talk of anything else. Some children from a school in South Africa claim to have spotted a UFO, which landed in a field a few hundred meters away from the school. Their accounts are very detailed. Through unsettling drawings, the children depicted and narrated what they had seen. Some even tell of witnessing humanoid-shaped creatures exiting the aircraft.

No one truly believes them.

The following night, the unimaginable happens.

You find yourselves blindfolded and tied up in an unknown location. When everything finally falls silent, you realize that you are not alone, and above all, you are inside a spaceship. Evidently, these creatures, likely aliens, have a score to settle with those who did not believe the children's story.

You have one hour to try to free yourselves and contact Earth before the aliens return to pay you another visit.


Piazza Grande 15

6600 Locarno

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