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Organise an unforgettable birthday in ou escape room

Looking for a unique and fun way to celebrate your birthday?

The Mystery Escape Room organises unforgettable activities for your birthday party.


You and your friends will have 60 minutes to search for clues, decipher puzzles, find hidden objects and get out of the room.


You can choose between different rooms and difficulty levels and if there are at least 4 of you, the birthday boy doesn't pay!

Festeggia con noi il tuo compleanno a partire da 8 anni


Choose which venue to celebrate your birthday

Perchè scegliere un'escape room per il tuo compleanno?

Because on request you can have:

A customised riddle.


Together we will devise a puzzle that only the birthday boy or his team can solve. 

Flexible hours


We will give you the opportunity to complete the room even if you go beyond the 60-minute time limit

Souvenir photos of the event


We will take souvenir photos, which you can have in digital format, and we will also provide you with some frames from the game cameras.

Light refreshments


On leaving the room you can share something to drink, some salty or sweet snacks with your team.

Muffin e palloncini

With at least 3 paying players the birthday boy gets in for free.


Contact us by phone for out-of-hours bookings

LUGANO - Via ferruccio pelli 18
TAVERNE - Via Rainéd 9

LOCARNO - Piazza Grande 15

Lugano e Taverne: +41 79 354 17 55

Locarno : +41 76 804 34 18

+41 79 237 98 53

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Grazie per averci contattato, risponderemo al più presto! :-)

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